Custom Software Development – The Easy Way to Expand Your Business, Giving Alternative Dimensions

For giving alternative dimensions and directions to your business, the need of a custom software that will take care of your business efficiently handling all the customer requisitions and also meeting all the typical needs of your company management. Custom software Development can be done by an in-house software development group or team who will come up with the best possible solution software that will help you to expand your business and also increase the annual turnover for your company. Now one may ask – what is software and what is so special about it?Custom software which is also known as bespoke software is not a mass produced software solution that will be available for you in the market. The mass produced application will not be able to meet the needs of your company or business. These needs are most of the times very much unique and typical for your company only. There are many companies who use the software as they need to meet the special norms for their various company departments such as management needs, sales department needs, designing department and all these different departments may require different approachable software that will fulfill the needs that particular department has in itself.Since the fact that the need of a client can be so typical and unique, the custom software development is of necessity and as the software is being developed reminding the terms and expectations of a particular company it may not work or round up as well for some other company. Custom application development is a kind of technical solutions that are being supplied by some of the in-house software development teams and the software is being developed under the certification of and software developer.The custom software development is so purposefully done as it will accommodate the various typical needs of a single user or typically the requirements of a business management. Thus this software is much more expensive as they would differ completely from the mass product application that is available in the market and is developed keeping in mind the typical requirements of the client. The approach from the application will certainly able to meet the client’s specific requirements and expectations.The development of application is based on the fact of developing a typical requirement fulfilling software that is developed with the help of certain available software packages of mass market such as commercial-off-the-shelf software and the software will cost much more than the average COTS software as they may be developed from the commercial software packages but they have the different approach. Custom development of software is done in a step by step manner, allowing all the nuances and the hidden dangers to be taken into account, keeping in mind all the personal preferences as well as the issues that was not specified by the customer.

The Good News, and the Not So Good News in the Housing Resale Market

Today, published an informative article by Bob Willis, on November existing home sales. Please click the link at the bottom of this article to read.The article speaks for itself and shows the power of the free market to stimulate sales. Yes, prices were down, but it encouraged buyers to step up. I have never understood the rush to artificially prop up prices. What is wrong with lower prices? It allows more folks to become home-owners without the lowering of credit-worthiness standards that have brought us to this current debacle. Note that all government attempts at “rescue” have centered on helping the banks that were encouraged, aided and abetted by Congress and Wall Street, to offer loans to people who could not afford them. Other organizations, like the under-investigated A.C.O.R.N. and various inter-faith groups are slated to receive billions in funding to offer “counselling” to those who are in danger of losing their homes. Counselling? We are witnessing the largest single giveaway of public funds, that we do not have, in the history of this country. Future generations will pay dearly.Senator Chris Dodds, currently under an ethics investigation due to the preferential terms and conditions of two mortgages from Countrywide, was not only in charge of this tragedy, he remains empowered as someone who is supposed to extricate us from this mess. As I write this, Dodds promised to reveal the details of his sweetheart loan 185 days ago. Click on this link to see how much time has elapsed since his empty promise.In politics there is no longer any shame. Throughout this entire fiasco, name one politico who has resigned. Remember, Pelosi promised to “drain the swamp” and give us the “most ethical Congress ever”. I’m still waiting.Check out the article here.

E-Healthcare Services on a Global Scale

The entire global healthcare industry has observed an increasing shift of healthcare services towards e-health services, which has now made it easier for patients to get access to healthcare services without having to physically visit a healthcare centre. This helps decrease the pressure on an already overburdened healthcare system while making it convenient for a patient.Telemedicine is now becoming an integral part of the global healthcare system. Telemedicine makes use of multimedia devices and advanced telecommunication technology to provide efficient healthcare services to all. A major advantage of using telemedicine is its wide reach. It breaks across geographical barriers and easily makes its way into remote areas. Telemedicine helps bridge the gap between the shortages of healthcare staff.E-healthcare makes use of electronic processes and latest technologies in communication to provide quality services to patients across global locations. Medical devices now have integrated connectivity options that allow for remote monitoring of health related data. The growth of wireless solutions and development of mobile technology have fueled the demand for personal healthcare applications and services. Market growth is widely influenced by the commitment from healthcare technology providers, healthcare providers and insurance agencies. In the future, healthcare organizations would need to set in place specific policies and encourage complete transparency.The global e-healthcare market is expected to reach the figure of 52 Billion dollars by 2017. The growth in the e-healthcare segment is a direct result of the increasing influence of internet and the increased demand for prescription medicine. In order for a medical market to reach its full potential, e-healthcare service providers would need to continue adhering to ethical business practices and regulatory standards that have been set in place for the safe delivery of prescription drugs to patients. The advantage of e-pharmacy is that patients would find it easier to order their medicine and they need not physically go to a pharmacy store in order to purchase their medication.Telemedicine is expected to grow at approximately 20% annually between the years 2010 to 2015. An estimated of over 2 million patients opted for medical monitoring from the convenience of their homes at the end of 2011. A future estimate suggests that the healthcare market utilizing mobile monitoring would provide an annual growth of 18% till the year 2016.Telemonitoring systems may cross the $1 billion mark by 2015. It allows for diagnosis that could take place round-the-clock. This is helpful especially for those patients suffering from chronic health conditions such as asthma, heart disease and diabetes.E-healthcare is a technology driven process and provides the means for effective healthcare strategies. Most marketers fail to exploit its full potential due to the hesitation they show when it comes to adopting wireless solutions. Lack of an incentive structure and probably lack of funding could be factors that may discourage the use of telemonitoring systems. However, factors such as cost effectiveness in the long run as well as extensive tracking make it the most favored option for the future.